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Feelings Mixes

Just one year after launching the project, Major Deep’s sets and remixes have raised millions of views on YouTube and Soundcloud. The Feelings mixes are Major Deep's footprint in the music industry. They are expressive, soul-warming and very addictive.


Major Deep is a musical project already enjoying popularity at major events around the world – Untold Festival being one of them. A simple name, based upon a wordplay, which holds within international potential. Major Deep brings, first and foremost, innovation. A game of sounds, revealing creativity and giving birth to a new, catchy music.

Designed as a complex show of image, sound and other entertainment elements, this project promises to innovate the worldwide music scenery. Breaking patterns with musical shapes and beats brought to life by the producer and DJ Francesco, the concept creates a vibe which guarantees to get everyone in clubs dancing.


The Full Story


The producer and composer Francesco has made himself known in the industry since 2009, when he broke the ice with a project that put him at the top of the musical charts in Greece, Spain, England and Italy, and brought him invitations to foreign events and clubs. The project was promoted in over 70 countries through the musical broker ToCo International (sharing catalogues with Benny Benassi, Ferry Corsten, Chocolate Puma, DJ Bobo).


In 2015, it introduced its first official track and EP under the label of Indiana Tones from Switzerland, a record company which has artists such as Bjorn Maria, Nora En Pure, Nicolas Hanning, Mark Lower, DBMM, Jazzyfunk, Max Lyazgin, Matvey Emerson, Teenage Mutants and many more as part of it. Major Deep’s first EP was introduced through a remix  from the best nu-disco producer of 2015, Frey. This musical style brings together several genres, such as Deep House, Indie Dance, Nu Disco, House, Tropical House, Future House, Tech House.

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